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DynamicAction is a retail analytics guidance system that leverages cloud software and a proven success program to catalyze the new customer-first operating mindset in retail. We empower retailers with a clear path to navigate their transformational journeys with AI-powered metrics.


It enables faster, better decisions to deliver profit, analytics and visualizations for immediate insights, prioritized opportunities and prescribed actions to take online and in-store.


Retailers across the globe rely on DynamicAction’s advanced analytics and best practices to holistically run more efficient organizations and uncover their most profitable customers. Forrester Research recommended DynamicAction as the key prescriptive analytics technology to replace predictive analytics in retail, and the National Retail Federation rewarded DynamicAction for its ability to “significantly improve or radically alter how retailing is done.”


Headquartered in Silicon Valley, DynamicAction has offices in London,

Sofia and Dallas.


Connect with us at:

Web: DynamicAction.com

Twitter: @DynamicAction

LinkedIn: DynamicAction

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