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September 13 - 15, 2022 | Hutton Hotel, Nashville, TN


What’s a Hosted Summit?
Simply put, hosted summits are a unique way to engage buyers and sellers outside of the traditional trade show. Total Retail Tech places great emphasis on providing an environment conducive to relationship building and business development. Qualified attendees benefit from top-notch programming as well as peer-to-peer networking and the ability to see, test and compare some of the most innovative marketing technologies impacting the retail industry today. Many of these interactions take place in boardroom case study sessions and pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings. Networking functions including meals and entertainment provide plenty of additional opportunities to get to know your industry colleagues. The key benefit for both attendees and sponsors is that Total Retail Tech will bring in the right people for the right conversations.
What is Total Retail Tech?
Marketing and technology are increasingly becoming one in the same within the retail industry. Total Retail’s newest event, Total Retail Tech, addresses this dynamic by bringing together retail marketing and technology leaders for two days of education, networking and discussion on the latest technologies in the marketplace. See if you qualify here. For more information on attending, download Total Retail Tech’s Attendee Prospectus.
What are the benefits to attending?
1) It’s free for qualified Attendees. We cover travel, hotel, meals and entertainment for all qualified attendees. Total Retail Tech offers a first-class event experience, including exceptional dining and entertainment, a first-rate venue, top-notch programming and networking opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. 2) Expert Analysis. From emerging trends to the next-gen marketing technologies that will transform the retail industry, Total Retail Tech promises you an unprecedented peek into the future. 3) Boardroom Case Studies. Probe leading tech tools alongside your peers in no-holds-barred discussions designed to let you “pull back the curtain” and see how these solutions can advance your retail business. 4) 1:1 Meetings. Accomplish months of intel gathering over just two days, vetting concepts and companies through pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings with industry leading solutions providers. 5) Peer-to-Peer interaction. Total Retail Tech attendees will explore pioneering solutions aligned with three key marketing technology themes: DIGITAL & NEW TECHNOLOGIES, MARKETING & MERCHANDISING, OMNICHANNEL & IN-STORE. A work hard, play hard atmosphere will enable you to absorb knowledge about new business opportunities and implementation strategies from tech providers and industry peers alike.
Wait. It’s Free? No, Seriously, What’s the catch?
No catch. There is no charge for qualified executives to participate. If you qualify to attend, you will receive complimentary event registration, travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, meals and social events. The event will be limited to a select number of attendees. Executives are encouraged to secure their place as soon as possible.
What is a Boardroom/Case Study?
Sponsors have the opportunity to deliver “Case Study” presentations to groups of 10-12 attendees in a private “Boardroom” setting. These presentations are not sales pitches or product demonstrations; they’re educational in nature, showcasing how a specific solution or tool solved a problem or created an opportunity. It’s an opportunity for sponsors to engage a small/focused audience in an interactive and problem-solving environment.
What is a 1:1 Meeting?
A pre-arranged, private, sit-down meeting to discuss your organization’s challenges, needs, etc. and to determine whether there are any potential business matches between buyer and seller.
Where does Total Retail Tech take place?
Total Retail Tech will take place at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville, TN.
I’m interested in attending, but how do I qualify for my invitation?
Please fill out our Attendee Inquiry Form first. A member of our staff will be in touch soon after you submit your information.
I’m interested in Sponsoring. Who do I contact?
Please contact Jennifer DiPasquale, executive vice president of Total Retail, at
Help. I still need to talk to a human!
For event-related questions, call Jenna Bless at 215-238-5301 or send her an email at


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