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Why Attend?

Total Retail Tech is Different

Total Retail Tech is an invitation-only event that brings together retail executives with the technology providers that are transforming the industry. It's a free, all-inclusive experience for qualified attendees, who will be key decision makers overseeing marketing and technology strategy at leading retail companies. Download our Attendee Prospectus here.

Let’s face it: keeping up with all the latest technologies powering the retail industry is a Herculean task. Spending weeks and months gathering technology intel, sorting through vendor pitches and watching endless demos can often be a complete waste of your valuable time.

Total Retail Tech’s goal is to change all that.

Simply put, Total Retail Tech brings the right people together for the right conversations. By matching like-minded retailers, Total Retail Tech enables honest and open discussions about technology and other business challenges. Furthermore, instead of learning about technologies you don’t need or can't implement, Total Retail Tech will match the right retailers with the right technology providers, saving time for all involved. Those interactions will serve as the start of profitable relationships between retailers and service providers.

With select attendance and an event designed around small groups, Total Retail Tech is a quality peer-to-peer experience that you won’t want to miss.  

"Mobile, social and digital experiences are now such a natural part of consumers’ daily lives. They have shaped their behavior and expectations, and the bar has been set high. To win share of wallet in this competitive landscape, retailers must adopt technology the right way in order to create personalized, easy, effortless and magical experiences that will be meaningful to their customers."

Samantha Lee, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience, Tailored Brands

“New technology is being offered each day for a retailer’s business from front to back.  I’ve learned in my many years of IT to always partner with each business group to understand their requirements, show them options of what is available, and provide guidance when needed.  Staying connected and committed to technology within a business is how fashion comes to life.”

Dara Meath, Vice President of Retail Systems - Information Technology, Camuto Group

Free For Qualified Attendees

All qualified executives receive a full participation package that includes travel, hotel, meals and entertainment. Total Retail Tech offers a first-class experience, including expert content, valuable networking opportunities, exceptional dining and entertainment, and a first-rate venue. Simply put, it's an event you won’t find anywhere else. Total Retail Tech attendees are pre-qualified retail executives responsible for making budget decisions on the technologies used at their companies. They will hold titles such as chief digital officer, chief technology officer, chief information officer, chief marketing officer, chief strategy officer, vice president of digital, vice president of e-commerce, among others. See if you qualify here.

"We all have the never ending list of features and functionality we'd love to offer our customers and drive our businesses. When you stay on top of what's happening in technology you'll find that what you thought you had to build in house has been created by a flexible, scaleable solution provider at a fraction of the cost."

Kim Audan, Vice President of E-Commerce, Eileen Fisher

Great Benefits

  • Boardroom Case Studies. Probe leading tech tools alongside your peers in no-holds-barred discussions designed to let you “pull back the curtain” and see how these solutions can advance your business.
    • 1:1 Meetings. Accomplish months of intel gathering over just 2 days, vetting concepts and companies through pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings with industry leading solutions providers.
    • Peer-to-Peer Interaction. Ever wondered how your counterparts at leading retail organizations are overcoming a challenge or taking advantage of an opportunity? Total Retail Tech puts you in a room with like-minded marketing technologists for the ultimate knowledge sharing you won’t find at other events.
    • Marketing Technology and Business Development. Total Retail Tech attendees will explore pioneering solutions aligned with three key marketing technology themes: DIGITAL & NEW TECHNOLOGIES, MARKETING & MERCHANDISING, OMNICHANNEL & IN-STORE. A work hard, play hard atmosphere will enable you to absorb knowledge about new business opportunities and implementation strategies from tech providers and industry peers alike.

Attendee Orientation


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