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September 13 - 15, 2022 | Hutton Hotel, Nashville, TN

The invitation-only summit designed for retail executives focused on technology solutions.

What is Total Retail Tech

Total Retail TECH is a free, all-inclusive event that brings select retail executives who oversee technology strategy together to learn from industry experts and each other in a small-group setting. Through compelling keynote presentations, boardroom case studies, one-to-one meetings and peer-to-peer exchanges, Total Retail TECH offers attendees a unique and exceptional experience. Learn more.

Sept. 13-15, 2022
Friday - Sunday



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“New technology is being offered each day for a retailer’s business from front to back. I’ve learned in my many years of IT to always partner with each business group to understand their requirements, show them options of what is available, and provide guidance when needed. Staying connected and committed to technology within a business is how fashion comes to life.
Dara Meath
Vice President of Retail Systems - Information Technology
Camuto Group
“Mobile, social and digital experiences are now such a natural part of consumers’ daily lives. They have shaped their behavior and expectations, and the bar has been set high. To win share of wallet in this competitive landscape, retailers must adopt technology the right way in order to create personalized, easy, effortless and magical experiences that will be meaningful to their customers.
Samantha Lee
Senior Vice President, Customer Experience
Tailored Brands

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