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This is the 2018 Agenda to get a sense of the exceptional content provided at Total Retail Tech. Check back for updates on the 2019 Agenda coming soon!


  • 1:00 pm
    5:00 pm
  • 1:45 pm
    4:00 pm
    Store Tours: An Interactive Tour Showcasing Technologies Implemented at The Container Store, Neiman Marcus
    • Scott Emmons
      Head of Digital Innovation Lab
      Neiman Marcus
    • Valerie Richardson
      Vice President of Real Estate
      The Container Store
  • 4:45 pm
    4:50 pm
    Welcome to Total Retail Tech
    • Jennifer DiPasquale
      Group President/Chief Revenue Officer
      Total Retail
  • 4:50 pm
    5:00 pm
    Presentation: IBM
    • Melissa Tatoris
      Strategic Retail Executive
  • 5:00 pm
    6:00 pm
    Opening Keynote: A Look Inside Neiman Marcus’ Innovation Lab

    To kick off Total Retail Tech, Scott Emmons, head of digital innovation lab, Neiman Marcus, will offer an inside look at how the high-end department store is using technology to transform its customers’ shopping experiences, both online and in-store.

    • Scott Emmons
      Head of Digital Innovation Lab
      Neiman Marcus
  • 6:00 pm
    8:00 pm
    Opening Reception


  • 7:15 am
    8:10 am
    Breakfast Mingle
  • 8:05 am
    8:10 am
    • Joe Keenan
      Executive Editor
      Total Retail
  • 8:10 am
    8:15 am
    Presentation: BounceX
  • 8:15 am
    9:15 am
    Morning Keynote: How Personalization Technology Fits Into Indochino's Growth Strategy
    • Michael Macintyre
      Vice President of E-Commerce and Omnichannel Strategy
  • 9:15 am
    11:00 am
    Boardroom Case Studies
    Digital & New Technologies
    Marketing & Merchandising
    Omnichannel & In-Store
  • 11:00 am
    11:15 am
  • 11:15 am
    12:00 pm
    Panel Discussion: How to Enrich the Customer Lifecycle With Data and Technology

    Consumers today are more distracted than ever. Therefore, acquiring customers, nurturing them and ultimately keeping them is a formidable task for retailers. In this panel, we will talk to retail leaders about how they’re able to uniquely use data and technology to enrich their customers’ experiences. The panelists will discuss some of the core technologies and data marketing strategies they’re using to drive the next generation of customer experiences. Sharpen your pencils, you’ll want to take notes during this panel!

    • Amy Larson
      Vice President, Marketing and E-Commerce
      Beyond Proper by Boston Proper
    • Chrissy Ginieczki
      Vice President, Marketing and E-Commerce
      Title Nine
    • Julie Roy
      Vice President, CRM, Digital and Analytics
  • 12:00 pm
    12:05 pm
    Presentation: BlueConic
  • 12:05 pm
    12:55 pm
  • 12:55 pm
    1:00 pm
    Presentation: Cordial
  • 1:00 pm
    2:40 pm
    1:1 Partner Meetings

    Your chance to investigate further into the service providers and technologies that your business is looking to invest in. Consider this due diligence the first step in making a well-informed purchase decision.

  • 2:40 pm
    3:00 pm
  • 3:00 pm
    4:00 pm
    Retailer Peer Groups (Retailers Only)

    Interested in connecting with other like-minded retailers? Want to find out what types of technologies, tools and systems they’re using, how their organizations are structured for optimal efficiencies, and more? This session represents your chance. Meet with fellow retailers in a small breakout format organized by common interests. Take advantage of the opportunity to engage in this interactive session. And don’t worry, you’ll be in a safe space, open only to retailers.

  • 4:00 pm
    5:00 pm
    A Really Bad Time to Be Boring: Remarkable Retail in the Age of Amazon
    • Steve Dennis
      Founder and President
      SageBerry Consulting
  • 5:00 pm
    5:45 pm
    Panel Discussion: Highlighting the Impact of Technology and Innovation in Today's Retail Marketplace

    Retail is in the middle of a major transformation. Traditional retailers and digital natives alike are re-imagining what their brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce sites can be, using innovative technologies to transform customers’ shopping experiences. The companies on this panel are innovators when it comes to using technology in creative ways to make shopping easier and more exciting for consumers.

    • Brian Schultz
      Senior Director, E-Commerce and Digital Product Management
      Crate and Barrel
    • Dara Meath
      Vice President, Retail Systems and Information Technology
      Camuto Group
    • Guido Campello
      CEO - Creative Director
    • Joe Megibow
      Operations Advisor
      Advent International
  • 6:30 pm
    9:00 pm
    Cocktails & Dinner


  • 7:45 am
    8:25 am
    Breakfast Mingle
  • 8:20 am
    8:25 am
    • Melissa Campanelli
      Editor-in-Chief/Content Director
      Total Retail
  • 8:25 am
    8:30 am
    Presentation: Listrak
  • 8:30 am
    9:20 am
    Morning Keynote: Learn How to Be Like Retail's Game Changers

    In a panel discussion, leaders from some of the most disruptive companies in the retail industry will tell their brand stories. From identifying the white space in the market that led to the launch of their companies to their unique philosophies on leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience, traditional and enterprise brick-and-mortar retailers can learn a thing or two from these startup brands. Find out how nimble, risk-taking startups, particularly when it comes to their use of technology, are redefining what it takes to be a successful retailer in an era of Amazon and digitally connected consumers.

    • Miriam Kendall
      Chief Marketing Officer
    • Paige Connell
      Blank Label
    • Paula Floyd
      Chief Commercial Officer
  • 9:20 am
    10:50 am
    Boardroom Case Studies
    Digital & New Technologies
    Marketing & Merchandising
    Omnichannel & In-Store
  • 10:50 am
    12:50 pm
    1:1 Partner Meetings
  • 12:50 pm
    12:55 pm
    Presentation: Unbxd
  • 12:55 pm
    1:50 pm
    Luncheon Presentation: Insights and Analysis From Total Retail's 2018 Retail Technology Report (2nd Annual)
    • Joe Keenan
      Executive Editor
      Total Retail
  • 1:50 pm
    2:50 pm
    Retailer Peer Groups (Retailers Only)
  • 3:00 pm
    3:15 pm
    Close of Conference/Pick Up Swag Bags


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